Terms and Conditions

Client consent:

All new clients are required to complete a client consent form. Which can be completed online here, or by downloading and printing the form yourself and taking the completed form to the shop on your first visit. Or finally, completing the form in the shop. We like to keep a detailed client record system, this is not ringing it only to ensure we comply with the Animal Health & Welfare act (2006) but also to aid us by providing information that will enable us to provide a top quality, tailor-made service for every animal that passes through our doors. Upon subsequent visits you will be given an opportunity to advise us of any changes to the information we hold and as many changes, especially with regard to health or temperament, could quite possibly led to further health and safety issues we consider it your responsibility to be honest and keep us up to date.

Cancellation policy:

We would ask that you make us aware of your intention to cancel your appointment at the earliest available opportunity. We require at least 24hrs notice to cancel a scheduled appointment as this gives us an opportunity to fill the slot. Any cancellations out with this timescale may result in a cancellation fee. No shows or customers that have made last minute cancellations will in future be required to pay their grooming fees in advance at the time of booking their next appointment. Customers that repeatedly miss appointments will be removed from our client list and refused service. Missed appointments mean loss of earnings and as a small company this directly affects our livelihood, as such we enforce this policy strictly.

Dropping off & collecting policy:

Please be on time for your appointment! Arriving more than 15 minutes late may mean we will be unable to groom your pet due to time constraints between appointment slots and this could result in a late cancellation fee. It is equally important that you collect your pet at the allotted time. We like to offer a 1 to 1 service to our clients and this is only possible if customers adhere to their appointment slots. Furthermore we simply do not have the space to hold your dog after the next client has arrived.
Before brining your pet to their appointment please make sure that they are exercised and have been given an opportunity to empty their bowel. Dogs with pent up energy do not stand well for grooming and it may also heighten any behavioural issues. A dog with a full bowel can find the grooming process uncomfortable and we do not have external facilities to toilet your dog. We will not scold an animal for relieving itself indoors, but this may also lead to the dog thinking that this may be correct to then do it at home!

De-matting policy:

We groom humanely at Barking Beauties. Removing Matts can be very painful and distressing for the animal. As such we will generally only ATTEMPT to de-mat a coat ONCE, and then only if we feel we can do so without causing the animal undue distress. If however the animal does not cope well with the process or we judge the matting to be to severe to attempt de-matting we will have no choice but to shave off the matted coat. If upon subsequent visits your dog returns in a matted condition we will make NO attempt to de-matt and the animal will be clipped-off. It is the owner’s duty of care towards their pet to maintain their coat between professional grooms and we are always more than happy to show you how to look after your pet’s coat. We NEVER de-mat puppies, infirm/elderly or aggressive dogs.

Please note: our normal grooming charge does not include de-matting, any de-matting or clip-offs requiring extra time will incur an extra charge to the price quoted. We will endeavour to give you prior notice if a clip-off will be required.

Behavioural policy:

You MUST advise us if your dog suffers with aggression of any form. We are happy, when possible, to work with pets that have a variety of behavioural issues. Animals that show aggression, will however be muzzled for their safety and ours. In cases where your pet only objects to a portion of the grooming procedure, for example having his feet trimmed, but he is ok with everything else, then we will muzzle him for having his feet done only, the rest will be completed without a muzzle. Nervous dogs often benefit from frequent visits to help build trust and desensitise them to the grooming environment and we will offer a separate service at a reduced price to those customers willing to work with us on their pets issues. There may be an extra fee for pets that require muzzling or extra staff to help manage them as it can take much longer than normal to groom them. If your pet is aggressive towards other animals and requires sole use of the salon there will be an extra fee.

We reserve the right to refuse a pet that represents a risk of injury to itself or any member of staff, or to send home a pet, even if the groom is only partially completed. In these cases the customer will be required to pay for the portion of the groom that has been completed.